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Proper skincare for beautiful skin

On my very first blog post, I wanted to write about skincare and share my knowledge. I've taken classes and worked in aesthetic for a few years. I find that a lot of people I have encountered, when I am doing services, either doesn't know their skin type or gives me "combination" as a response when I ask about their skin. Yes, a lot of people are combination but it all comes down to finding out if you are more on the oily or dry side.

Knowing about your skin type is the most important in choosing the proper skincare. It is the key to having a beautiful skin and makeup application. The best way to find out is by checking your skin midday. There are 5 categories: very dry, combination/dry, normal, combination/oily, and very oily.

Very dry skin has transparent pores on the T-zone. Transparent pores meaning you produce no oils at all in that area. Dry patches are common. By midday, the skin remains dry throughout.

Combination/dry skin has small pores that produces minimal oil in a small area and some transparent pores. By midday, a small area of the face is oily and the rest are dry.

Normal skin is just right. Not oily or dry midday.

Combination/oily skin has large pores that produces excessive oil on a large area and small to transparent pores to other areas. By midday, mostly oily but still has a small area that is dry.

Very oily skin has large pores throughout like an orange peel. Usually oily a few hours after cleansing.

Now that you are familiar with skin type, it is easier for you to choose a proper skincare. As the season changes, you need to adjust your skincare. I recommend buying trial sets first to see how your skin reacts to the products. That way, you don't spend so much on the full size then find out later that they don't work well. You should at least have the basic: Cleanser, toner, and moisturizer.

Cleanser is applied first. It opens the pores to remove all the impurities on the face.

Toner comes after the cleanser and should be applied with a cotton pad. It closes the pores to stop the dirt from going in the skin, returns the skin back to normal, and removes any remaining impurities that wasn't washed away after the cleanser.

Last but not least is the moisturizer. Since the moisture was stripped by the cleanser, moisturizer is needed to bring back the moisture.

You can then add in expoliant, serum, and/or mask to your regime.

Expoliant removes impurities and dead skins that clogs the pores, and reveals your new skin. Used once or twice a week after the cleanser.

Serum has the smallest particles and goes all the way down to the dermis unlike the other products. It gives the most benefit in it's purest form. Used morning and night unless it has vitamin c, retinol, or anything strong as it will damage your skin when you're under the sun.

Mask is a cheap alternative to facial treatment. It is not as good but it will do if you're on a budget. Used once a week after the serum unless it has to be cleansed off then I will use it after the expoliant.





I hope this blog is of some help to you!

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