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Maureen Posadas

Certified Makeup Artist, Aesthetician, Licensed Hairstylist 


Maureen Posadas is a makeup and hair artist based in Toronto. She attended Marvel - School of Makeup Art for makeup where she also learned a few weeks of styling hair. She then took aesthetics to learn more about the skin and worked in a spa for a few years doing makeup, facials (microdermabrasion, chemical peels, etc.) and waxing. Feeling the need to learn more about hair while doing clients, she decided to take hairstyling at Marca college where she learned women's and men's cut and color graduating with Overall Excellence Award. She then started exploring wigs, took some wig making classes then ended up in film where she found her mentor, Cindy Lou Tache. Maureen is always looking for ways to improve her skills; taking classes when she can, competing in competitions like Allied Beauty Beauty Association, and assisting to learn new techniques, products and latest trends to bring vision to life.


Nabet 700-M UNIFOR Hairstylist - Member status

IATSE 873 Hairstylist - Permit status


Diana Carreiro (P1M) for City Life magazine 

Tami El Sombati (Plutino Group) for S magazine

Arielle Park for Langston Francis "Roaming" EP

Romy Zack for Ellie Mae and Mejuri

Published/Featured in:

Chloe, Poster Child, Huffington Post, Bulace, Krowd, Elegant, Lewis, Nord, Borealis, Salyse, Vogue Italia, Elegant Wedding, Imirage, Scorpio Jin, Obscurae, Girlys, Beauty Mute, 7Hues, Wedding Chicks, Period, Shuba, Eloque, Vanity Teen, Lucy, Vulkan, Boyfriend, Toksick



Eyewear Candy, Tap2Tag, Marsquest, Fitfully Yours, Auto Trader, Google, Goldscoop, Microsoft, Loblaw (Loblaws, Shoppers Drug Mart, Joe Fresh, PC Financial), Atelier Guarin, Marina Babic Jewellery, Sportcheck, CIBC, Kimberly's Bakeshoppe, NOW magazine, WWHA, Bisou Lovely Jewelry



 Fashion Arts Toronto, TFW/Reset, Shoppers Drugmart Activation, L'oreal, Bioderma, CAFTCAD Awards


Run The Burbs Season 3 (2023)(Daily Hair)

My Husband's Baby (2023)(Makeup & Hair Swing)

A Not So Royal Christmas (2023)(First Assistant)(Daily Hair)

Murdoch Mysteries Season 17 (2023)(Daily Hair)

Safron (Short)(2023)(Key Makeup)

T-Bone (Short)(2022)(Key Makeup & Hair)

Gray Season 1 (2022)(First Assistant), (Key Hair July 25-29, 2022), (Key Makeup August 28, 2022)

Coroner Season 4 (2021)(First Assistant)

Take Note (2021) (First Assistant Blk1&2)

Ruby & The Well (2021)(Daily Hair)

Titans Season 3 (2021)(Daily Hair)

The Swearing Jar (Feature)(2021)(Daily Hair)

Private Eyes Season 4 (2019)(Daily Hair)

Night Raiders (Feature)(2019)(Second Assistant)

Murdoch Mysteries Season 13 (2019)(Daily Hair)

Utopia Falls Season 1 (2019)(Daily Hair)

Anne with an E Season 3 (2019)(Daily Hair)

Frankie Drake Mysteries Season 3 (2019)(Daily Hair)

CIBC x WXN commercial (2019)(Makeup and hair)

Microsoft AI x Loblaw Commercial (2019)(Makeup and hair)

Google "Jamboard" Commercial (2019)(Makeup and hair)

Auto Trader Commercial (2018)(Makeup and hair)

His Quiet Mind (2017)(Daily Makeup)

Other Videos:

Langston Francis "Roaming" EP Director Clark McRorie (2018)(Makeup)

MarsQuest campaign (2018)(Makeup and hair)

Featured in Elegant Magazine "Presence", Director Alberto Jannarone (2017)(Makeup and hair)

"Call You Home" by John McIntosh, Director Andrii Zubyk (2015)(Makeup)


3 Day Hands-On Barber Navigation Workshop, Eikonic Academy 2023

CMU College Comprehensive Makeup Diploma 2023

Sewing Machine Wigmaking certificate, Wig Pharmacist 2022

Wigmaking certificate, Off The Wall in 2020

Fusion, Double-Tape and Double-Loop Extension certificate, Global Best Beauty 2018
ABC Cut and Colour certificate, Vidal Sassoon 2018
Classic and Volume Eyelash Extensions certificates, Canadian Beauty College 2017
Marca College Overall Excellence award 2017
Hairstyling diploma, Marca College 2017
Completed 840 hours of In-Salon Apprenticeship at Caryl Baker Visage 2015
Aesthetics certificate, Caryl Baker Visage 2015
Makeup & Fashion Image diploma, Marvel - School of Makeup Art 2014

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