Classic lash extension:

A method where 1 lash extension is adhered to 1 natural lash. This is perfect for beauties who are trying lash extensions for the first time or desires a more natural look. You can say bye to mascara and wake up to fuller, thicker, and longer lashes.


Startup promo:
Full set of classic lash extension: 2 hours unlimited

Faux mink $60 (silk upon request)
Classic refill $40 (40% lashes remaining)

-When should I come back for a refill?

Refills should be done every 2 to 3 weeks to maintain the look.

-How do I prepare for lash application?

Coming in with clean, not manually curled lashes ensures proper adhesion of the lash extensions.



Lash lift:

Perfect for those who does not want to get lash extension but want to enhance their lashes. Lash lift curls the natural lash from the roots and last for 6 to 8 weeks.

Lash lift $50

Lash lift + tint $65

Other services:

Brow design $10
Lip wax $5
Between brows $5
Chin or forehead $10
Neck $10
Side of face $10
Full face $45
Brow tinting $15
Lash tinting $20
Brow design + tinting $20
Brow + lash tinting $35

Engagement + special events makeup or hair $85 (in-studio), $110 (mobile)

Engagement + special events makeup and hair package $150 (in-studio), $175 (mobile)

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